Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not exactly what you'd call "Vacation"

This past weekend, we headed out to Colorado for Steve to be in a wedding. His middle school friend Steve Willson (he was in our wedding) got married. The wedding ceremony was in a very old church which created a beautiful setting; while the reception was a full sit-down, open bar, dancing reception. We had a great time at the wedding; however, the days leading up to their celebration were not so fun. The story of our travel starts back to Thursday. . .

Thursday morning at 2 am, I woke up feeling horrid. I went to the bathroom where I soon began throwing up. I had awoken to the wonderful flu bug (no I'm not pregnant as all my friends ask whenever I don't feel well). I let Steve sleep as I laid on the couch. I would sleep into my runnings to the bathroom, as I through up for over 6 hours. Finally, by 8, I woke Steve up and told him what had been going on. He ran to Walmart to try to find me some medicine to settle my stomach. Instead of being able to lay around and rest the the whole day, I had to get better quick because we had to leave the house at 10:45 to get to the airport to make it to Colorado!

Even though I wasn't throwing up anymore, I was exhausted, my stomach felt tight, and I just felt awful. I kept debating with myself whether or not I could even make the car ride to the airport, to make the airplane to get to Colorado. At 10:20 I made my decision to go, I took a shower and quickly got ready. I wasn't gonna miss out on Steve W's wedding!

2 hours in a car, 2 hours in the airport, 3 hours in the plane, & another 1 hour car ride later, I made it to Steve's parents house. I was okay in a laying position or walking. Unfortunately, I couldn't do either on the plane and was losing it. But all that matters is that I made it to his parents' house without getting sick again! For the next 24 hours, I felt better but had a knot in my stomach. I took it easy laying around.

Friday morning, Steve woke up around 3 am throwing up. He only threw up a couple times and was wiped out the rest of the day. We were supposed to head up to Colorado Springs around 2 to get to the rehearsal & dinner. Even though Steve wasn't throwing up by then, he was in no shape to head up (however, keep in mind he made me ride in a car & a plane when I was feeling this way). So, he took a four hour nap instead of going to the rehearsal (the groom okayed all of this!).

Saturday morning we woke up and felt able to go to the wedding. Steve had to be with the rest of the wedding party by noon in order to start taking pictures. While he was off with them, I went shopping for a wedding gift, and then headed to a book store to read for awhile. I met Steve back at the church around 2. Steve sat down in between all the pictures. The wedding was at 4 and lasted about an hour. Luckily, there was a lot of standing & sitting (Episcopalian wedding) and they let the wedding party sit a lot. I was so concerned that Steve was going to have to stand the whole time (he would have never made it, he had only ate a grapefruit & an egg in 24 hours), but God took care of him!

We hated to have gotten sick at Steve's parents house, but it was a hidden blessing. Without the flu, we would only have seen Steve's parents Thursday night & again at the wedding. Instead, we got to see them each day and spend lots of time with them. Plus, they took excellent care of us when I would have had to do it all myself back in Tennessee. God does work in mysterious ways!

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