Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Busy Bees

I know it has been way too long since my last post. We have been crazy busy -- by we, I guess I mean me since I'm the one who blogs. If only Steverino enjoyed writing as much as me... oh well, you're stuck with me.

Thanksgiving has quickly come and gone. We spent the time in Indiana visiting my family. On Thursday, I woke up early to watch the Macy's parade with my dad. It's an unspoken tradition the two of us had, so it was nice to get to spend the first thanksgiving at home in 3 years! After watching the parade, we headed to my aunt's house for some yummy food.

We didn't have "our" family Thanksgiving until Saturday. It was a tradition my Grandma started before she passed away. She always chose to have family holiday gatherings on a day around the the time of the holiday, but not on the day (her thinking was that no one would have an excuse not to show up!). It was a little hard to enjoy Thanksgiving without her this year. She used to go all out with her Thanksgiving meal by making 3 different kinds of meat (Turkey, Ham, and cubed steak), lots of side dishes, and amazing amounts of desserts. She made a famous sugar cream pie that we are trying to duplicate without any luck. We found her recipe, but like any good cook, she never followed it.

Upon returning to Tennessee, I had to jump into a full week of subbing. I subbed every day, except Tuesday -- I was supposed to sub, but wasn't needed. Since I didn't sub on Tuesday, I babysit one cute little girl (Hadleigh). Monday I subbed for the same Middle School choir class from a few weeks ago; while Wednesday-Friday I subbed for a 2nd grade class. I was not prepared for 18 7 year olds all wanting my attention at the same time. I came home each day after subbing extremely exhausted! Poor Steve had a very tired and emotional wife for most of the week. He's such a good husband and encourager. I can't even begin to put into writings how wonderful he is!

On Saturday I drove up to Indiana all by myself. My parents are out of town for the week and I went to spend some time with my sister. I've kept pretty busy since I've been here visiting with my other sister and nieces as well as catching up with great friends. Steve rode with his boss and some other coworkers up to Cincinnati on Monday for leadership training. On Wednesday, I'll be headed to meet up with him in Cincinnati so that we can drive back to Tennessee together on Friday.

This is the part where I inform you that this is just the beginning of our holiday travels. In the next month, I think we'll only be at our house for a total of a week. Stay tuned for all the crazy travel stories to come (when I find time to write about them!).

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