Thursday, July 14, 2011

Settling back down

Now that we know we'll be in this same house for another 5 months or so, I've gotten back into organizational and house projects. My mom and I packed up half the house back in June so our once organized office now looks like this:

Most of the stuff that is packed away consists of extra items stored throughout the house like -- dishes, blankets, bags, books, clothes, decorations, etc. Most of the items will be forgotten about until we unpack them at the new place (wherever and whenever that'll be!). Over the past week or so, I'll sometimes think of an item that would be useful in a certain situation and have to go digging through the boxes. Luckily, the items I need end up being in the top of a box that is easily accessible.

So now that all the packing materials have been stored away in the office, our house is back to somewhat normal (shelves and cabinets look a little bare). We've been noticing around dinner time that the location of our table in the kitchen always seems very warm. Since the area was surrounded by a glass door and a big window, I decided to make some curtains to hopefully keep the heat out. Here is the finished product:

I bought one package of complete curtains for the big window; however they were a tan color that blended into the wall. So then I bought 3 panels of a sheer voile and sewed 2 of the panels over the existing curtains. The third panel, I sewed together to make a little curtain cover for the door as seen in the picture. The curtains have only been up a day and I've noticed a difference (however, I think it's a mix of being all in my head & the fact that temps are down in the 90s instead of the 100s). Anyway, I like the look the kitchen now has and the whole project (including wall/door mounts was less than $40. Hopefully, these are items I'll get to use again at the next location, and if not, at least it gave me something to do!

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