Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We've Been Busy. . .

After a roller coaster summer of packing up half our house, only to continue living in it, we've been packing in some end of summer events. A few weekends ago, we headed up to Indiana to "campout" at a friends' house where we got to be with several friends who's friendship was an encouragement to us while we were at Purdue. Originally, 4 couples (including us) were going to go camping in IL for a few days; however, it fell amidst the heat wave and decided on a Plan B.

It was great to see the Kempsons, Cardinals, Robinsons, & 1/2 of the Lamberts [the other half was home sick :(]. We got to catch up on life in the past year with everyone and see how God has been working in their lives and plugging them into their new communities (it's crazy to think that we all met in Lafayette and dispersed all about the same time!).

Steve departed from our friends' house and headed back to Tennessee while my parents picked me up so I could stay a few days with them (how could I possibly go to Indiana and not see my family?!). I stayed for about 5 days and hung out with my sisters, nieces, parents, and good friend. I kept myself busy while I was there (I don't want to miss a moment with them all!). My parents then took me back to Tennessee at the end of the week and stayed a few days with Steve and I.

Even though my parents were here less than a month ago, it was good to have both of them stay for a few days and just relax together (well, Dad didn't get to relax much as Steve and him worked on our car together). When my parents brought me back, they brought back a bonus item -- their piano! Ha ha, my dad is the only one left in the house who plays piano but he he has a digital piano and a digital keyboard. I had asked him for help on how to pick out a digital piano and he just offered for us to borrow his for awhile! I'm excited to be able to work back to the level I was years ago!

They left at the beginning of this week giving Steve and I time to recoup from the past few weeks. When we aren't traveling to see friends and family, Steve and I have been working on a few different projects. Recently, Steve has become quite the mechanic in our house. He's been doing lots of research on how to maintain and upkeep our own cars. He's done a lot of little things (like oil changes, tire rotations, checking fluids and such) and just completed a big project -- replacing the drive shaft(s) on our Honda. We had been noticing a clicking noise when turning and decided it was time to replace them. He had done most of it before my dad came but had dad double check and help finish up the project. Dad was impressed at the job Steve had done without much prior knowledge. Now Steve is talking about taking some auto classes in his free time, we'll see how that turns out ;).

I've been trying to finish up crocheting a blanket I started for Steve before we got engaged. I guess after 2 years of marriage (yes that's right, 2 years next week!), it's time to finish the blanket! I've also "dabbled" in a canning project. I had a coupon for an "intro to canning kit" and thought, why not?! My dream is to eventually have my own garden and be canning my own fresh vegetables. But as that's not possible at the moment, I started small. I made and canned some homemade salsa. It appears that it was a canning success, but I guess time will only tell (when I open up the jars!).

Up next on my "to-do" list is get our house cleaned up and readied for some company. My sister, mom, and nieces are planning an "End-O-Summer" Tennessee trip. They'll come for a few days next week before before school starts for the oldest 2 nieces. I have to juggle around some boxes in order to make room for them all to stay in the house ;).

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