Sunday, December 11, 2011

New House

Home Sweet Home

Steve and I have finally completed a year long journey to find a house. When we started the journey back in February, we thought we'd be purchasing a new house in Jackson, TN. God had a different plan in mind and moved us up to Lima, OH. Our patience payed off in the end and we are thoroughly enjoying our new home (hence the new post in a week).

We have been pretty busy since closing on the house on Monday (Dec 5). Steve has been working (he only got to take a half day on Monday for closing) and comes home pretty tired. After we eat dinner, we pretty much watch a little show/movie together and then collapse. While he's off training at the new job, I've been super busy with house projects. Over the last several days I have: cleaned carpets, swept/mopped, unpacked the entire kitchen, unpacked clothes, cleaned the basement, raked the whole front yard (It took 4.5 hours & 15 bags. We still have the side yard and back yard full of leaves.), set up our Christmas tree and lights outside, and some other random housework. This weekend we picked out some paint colors. The painting will begin this week.

Since we've been working outside a lot (Steve began raking the backyard today), we've gotten to meet a few of our neighbors. Everyone has said the same thing, "you couldn't have picked a nicer neighborhood." I have especially gotten to know our next door neighbors. I met the Mr. while raking leaves, and today the Mrs. brought over a plate of cookies and chatted with me for an hour. They are an elderly couple who graduated from Purdue years ago (the Mrs. even went on a date with Neil Armstrong while attending Purdue). They still follow Purdue sports religiously and get a kick out of Steve & my's connection to Purdue. While chatting, I got the low-down of the neighborhood. They've been here awhile and pretty much know everyone around. We look forward to hearing more of their stories and getting to know them in the future.
We also got to host our first guest this week! Steve's sister works a few days a week at the plant here in Lima. Starting next week, she'll start staying with us on those days that she works up this way. We look forward to getting to see her more often and providing her a little "home away from home". And for those of you who know how crazy and intense my family is, I would like to note that it is an Ackerman who was the first family member to see the home.

We don't have internet at the house, yet. In the evenings, we've been able to access internet on our laptops via our phones (thank goodness for unlimited data plans!). As of now, we will not be getting cable/satellite which is a HUGE deal for me. I've been a week without it and already want to pull my hair out. We'll see if it gets better when I have full day access to internet, Hulu, & Netflix. These next few weeks are going to be pretty busy with house projects and holiday plans, but I'll try to keep you posted on our shenanigans :).


  1. The house looks warm and homelike already! I hope you are having fun getting things set up. It sounds like you have already made a lot of progress!

  2. How are you holding up without cable?
    Would love to see some inside shots.