Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lima or Bust!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity. Despite a winter advisory and a supposed 3" of snow (looked more like 1", but that could be due to the fact it was melting quickly), two movers showed up to our house bright and early. They quickly got to work wrapping the large items and taking inventory of all the items.

At first, the guys worked quietly and kept to themselves. While they were working, I was busy cleaning up bathrooms, kitchen, and floors (I'd do what I could around them, and vacuumed rooms as they were emptied). After a couple hours, the guys became a little more lively and I found out they were brothers. They were very helpful and I know my stuff left in good hands!

They closed up the semi and pulled out of the neighborhood just in time for our landlord's new handyman to show up. I knew that he was coming in order to see the condition of the house and to see what work needed to be done for the new tenant. However, I didn't know that the new tenant would be showing up as well! Lucky for me, I got to meet him on Sunday during the insane open-house our landlord had set up. Our old house is now in the hands of a car dealership and a public school teacher, I know we left it in good hands ;-).

After assessing the house (handyman declared it as good condition, of course!), keys were handed over to the new tenant and they all left, leaving me alone in an empty house. Steve showed up after work, we loaded up the car with what was left, and said goodbye to Wesley Drive & Jackson, TN. We headed off to our good friends' house along the route to Ohio. It was nice to be able to split the drive up, sleep in on Wednesday, and enjoy wonderful food and entertain brought on by our friends. Thanks guys!

We left their house in the late morning on Wednesday. We had about a 6 hour drive ahead of us, but luckily we found several holiday stations to listen to along the route (and when the holiday stations weren't supplying enough entertainment, we cued up our favorite podcast -- Car Talk). We crossed our new home state's border around 4. In just a few more hours, we would be in our new city!!

We got into Lima a little after 6. We decided to stop and get some groceries to live off of for the next few days. We knew if we went to the hotel first, we'd be too lazy to get back out. We had to to make 3 trips from the car to the room in order to get all the right stuff in the right places. Our car is packed with various chotsky, some was needed to finish cleaning up the house in Jackson, some stuff is for life in a hotel, and the rest of the stuff is for our couple days in an empty house. All in all, there is too much stuff in our car -- oh well.

Once we got everything in our hotel, I quickly went to work on making dinner -- barbecue pork chops, stuffing, and mixed vegetables. I set up our George Foreman to grill the pork chops, and utilized the coffee maker to make the hot water needed for the stuffing. I can officially say, this was my first "home-cooked" meal made in a hotel (without a kitchenette). We had a couple moments of concern over setting a fire alarm off; however, we were successful in completing dinner with no mishaps --whew!

Tomorrow is Steve's first day at his new job. I will be entertaining myself all day in the hotel (I'm actually really excited about laying around and not having anything to do!). But don't worry, I brought several different projects along with me to keep myself busy.


  1. I'm impressed how gourmet your hotel meal was! Last week in the hotel, Chris had microwaveable pizzas!

  2. Man! I didn't even think of microwaveable meals. I was trying to make our hotel like home. But in all reality, it was just a hotel and me being crazy making dinner.