Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Year, New Us

There's a week left in January, and I just released the Christmas post I wrote 2 weeks ago, and there's been no mention of the new year or a Bean update.  I haven't been neglecting the blog because nothing is going on, the reality is life is crazy right now and the blog is a complete after thought.  So instead of trying to do multiple posts trying to catch up, a quick bullet point list is more like it!

  • No real new year resolutions for us besides the typical "let's be better this year than last year!".  We have goals to be healthier, putting Christ first in our lives, being focused and hands-on parents, and making wise choices with our finances.
  • I've been blessed with the opportunity to make some money while staying home with Bean.  I became a Jamberry consultant a couple months ago and just had goals of breaking even.  After a very successful launch and great sales this month; I have to set new goals for the year! This is a very exciting, yet time consuming opportunity.  When you love something, you want to talk about it all the time -- and poor Steve is sick of hearing about "Jam-beep".  
  • I've also been blessed with another opportunity -- babysitting!  2x a week, I get the opportunity to hang out with my friend Sara's sweet boy James!  He's 2 months old and quite the cutie! I wasn't sure how it would go with Bean and a baby in the house at the same time, but it's going great! I'm still trying to work out the logistics of getting James to sleep in the pack'n'play and how to meet the needs of both of them at the same time. Bean LOVES James.  She wants to touch him, hold him, and kiss him constantly.  She's probably sending us subliminal messages about wanting a sibling. . . 
  • I'm still running but I'll have to admit the winter cold is winning out.  I've only logged 3 runs this month (and a solid 2 week break of no running!).  I was finally able to get out this week and pull out a 4 mile run after that 2 week hiatus.  I survived the run and my times were just about what they were last month.  I'm not worried about mini-training yet; but when I realized that mini is 3 months away, I had a minor freakout.  What am I thinking?!
  • On a negative side - I've been dealing with a pretty stressful situation with someone. I won't go into details, but it's been a big part of my month and affects my thoughts and actions in certain situations.  I am definitely learning a lot about myself, how actions can be perceived, and how by God's grace I am free!
  • Steve's role has changed at work.  The new role came with a promotion and new responsibilities.  After having him home and access to him 24/7 for those 2 weeks of break; I had a hard reality of him returning to work at the beginning of the month.  I forgot how hard it was to make contact with him while he works and just overall miss his presence in the house during the day.  
  • Over Christmas, all 4 of Bean's molars came in.  That left us with a very cranky and sleep-hating child.  In 3 weeks, she'd only slept through the night 3 times.  All those other nights consisted of her waking up every.other.hour. Seriously kid - you are killing your Momma!  Her sleep was worse than James - the 2 month old baby I watch! We had a turning point this week and got 3 nights of sleep in a row; and then she got shots.  Now we're back to the multiple wakings. Ugh.
  • Now the update you've all been waiting for -- Bean is a WALKER! How exciting! A couple of weekends ago, it just clicked with her.  She took a couple steps on her own, but once she realized Momma/Daddy wanted her to do it; she stopped. She'd randomly take a few steps, but definitely preferred her "knee shuffle" as we so lovingly call it.  She's not 100% walking, but each day she takes more and more steps.  I'd say she's up to 65% walking in her day.  Let's face it -- her knee shuffle is way more efficient than walking, but it won't be long when she'll stop the knee shuffle all together.  
  • Other Bean accomplishments:
    • "Signs" for "more" when she needs milk or a snack
    • Blows bubbles
    • Can say -- Momma, Daddy, ball, duck, cracker, baby, "chhhh" for lunch, go!, "go goooo" for Let it Go/Frozen, dog, Mommom, Poppop, Ahm, Abo, "cheese" whenever you pull out your phone, Hi/Bye
    • Gives kisses with a "mmmmmm"
    • Loves to play with -- Zebra ride toy, Little People playsets, blocks, wooden puzzle pieces, toting toys around in a bag, climbs on chairs, babydolls, & Sock Monkey in a box, and ducks in the bathtub 
    • Loves to watch -- Frozen, Curious George, Sesame Street, Clifford
    • Loves to eat -- strawberries, mac'n'cheese, noodles in general, cottage cheese, fruit/veggie pouches, Momma's bagels, milk 
    • She knows when it is time to leave by us putting coats on.
    • She constantly is getting in trouble over dropping food, standing on chair, and touching the lamp.
    • Has discovered the game of "Peek-a-Boo"
(Bean's chair is back in the living room! She is able to get in and out of it on her own and we don't have to worry about her getting hurt on it. However, she does get crazy sometimes and decides to stand in it.  We give her a couple chances to sit.  After number 3, she usually loses chair privilege and it exits the room.)

(Catching her character in its prime.  She really is a hilarious child.  Problem is, she knows she is funny and uses that hilarity against us.)

("Just putting my snack in the crevice of my milk cup.")

(We don't let Bean have paci's when she is playing.  Although, every once in awhile, one does get lost in the toys or she'll be having a rough day with teeth and I let her suck on it.  However, here, she's sucking on her baby doll's paci.  Although, it's just a tiny little post that she really has to suck on to keep it in her mouth.)

(I like this photo for the sheer the reminder that this kid does in fact sleep.  And I'm pretty sure I took this photo after her fighting nap for over an hour.  In the midst of a phase of no sleeping and bad naps, I need this reminder! Some days are better than others.  We'll have a day of a 3+ hour nap, and then a day like today where she didn't even get an hour.  She'll have nights where she's up every other hour, or maybe for a couple hours straight, or maybe randomly sleeps through the night.  If only she would let me know what her sleeping mood would be in advance!)

(Sitting in daddy's chair!)

(Laying on James!)

(Holding his hand)

(She wasn't happy until she got to actually hold him!)

(Playing Peek-A-Boo with the drapes.)

(While taking down Christmas decor, I heard her playing in the corner and turned around to see her inside the Jumper! I hadn't put her in there!  I have no idea how she did it, but she climbed in by herself.  Notice her missing leg? It was pinned under her bum, haha.)

(Bean eating her favorite meal - mac'n'cheese, cottage cheese, strawberries & raspberries. And yes, she still eats in "the rain jacket".)

(I've been waiting for this day -- for Bean to realize she can escape the play area by crawling under the couch.  Good thing the she didn't fully commit and freaked out halfway.  She was scarred by the experience of getting stuck, Momma laughing and taking a picture to never want to try the escape ever again.)


  1. haha that last pic cracks me up! thanks for taking good care of Jamesy-boy :)

  2. We miss Jamesy and look forward to seeing him this week :)!