Friday, January 30, 2015

A Case of the Pukies

We started off our Monday night just like any other day, except I apparently threw a curve ball by jumping in the shower at 7:20 (bed time prep starts at 7:30).  I get out of the shower to hear Steve yelling, "we need help!!"  Upon getting downstairs, I see a crying Bean and vomit all over daddy, his chair, and the floor.  Lovely.  Once I picked her up, she seemed fine.  Steve got to cleaning up the mess and I evaluated her.

She seemed fine - wasn't hot, wasn't crying, and was even giggly.  A few months ago, she had a weird night of throwing up all her milk before bedtime, but then was fine.  I chalked it up to that and got her ready for bed.  She went down without a problem, and we figured we were through the woods.  We were wrong.

She woke up about 35 min later crying, and then I heard it.  The gag.  I ran upstairs and turned on her light to find her sitting in her bed, with puke all over her and crying.  Oh no.  Fear ensued! What was happening?!  Steve drew an immediate bath.  We got her in it and then I cleaned up her bed. Luckily, I have a system where mattress pads and sheets are layered, so I just had to take off the top layers.  

She played in her bath for a little while and seemed fine.  We went ahead and gabbed a puke bucket "just in case" and set up watching Sesame Street in the living room.  My goal was to wait an hour from the last puke before putting her to bed.  We barely hit the 30 min mark when round 3 happened.  The three of us quickly became pros at helping her to puke in a bucket.  She would sit in my lap and I could sort of feel it start in her tummy.  Then we'd see "the look" on her face - tongue would stick out and she'd try to stop it.  She'd start to cry and push the bowl away, so I would hold back her arms, Steve would hold her head, and we would both hold the bowl in position.  

She just wanted Momma comforts in between, so she'd stay laying on my lap.  Steve was a trooper and would clean/swap buckets.  I soon started to fight the nausea feeling.  I kept telling Steve I knew I'd be puking by nights end.  He said to toughen up and to get it out of my head.  A little after 10 o'clock (and I think round 5 for Bean) she got really tired.  She even fell asleep on me.

(We thought with her falling asleep, we were out of the woods.)

But that sleeping only lasted 3 minutes until her puke round 6.  We'd just gotten the bowls swapped in cleaned when I started in! Ahhhhhh. Poor Steve had to then help his sick daughter AND sick wife.  This was the first time he had to "help me" puke and informed me that I was not a dainty puker.  Sorry buddy.  Luckily, Bean only went another round before she was tuckered out.  I puked a few more times, then helped get her settled into bed.  She slept the whole night.  However, I was up puking -- all night! I'd fall asleep and sleep for 40-45 min, when I'd have to get up and go puke.  Finally at 4am, I was able to just go back to sleep.  

Steve had left his laptop at work and had an important meeting to go to.  So he got up and went in at 6:30.  Then then came back home a little bit before 8 so that he could get Bean up, change her, and take her downstairs.  I made my way downstairs and set up shop on the couch in the living room.  He then ran to the store to get us a few things to help us survive. I was very weak, low-energy, nothing sounded good, and I was still fighting some nausea. Bean seemed to be doing fine though! She was her normal "bug mom" self.  I'd try to lay and she'd want to jump and climb all over me.  Steve worked in the dining room and would check on us and get us things as we needed.  Bean ate lots of crackers and drank Pedialite.  For lunch, she even ate a banana/apricot/applesauce pouch. Steve put her down for a nap.  I laid down and zonked.  He left once we were asleep to return back to work.  

I woke up a little after 3 and just laid in bed watching shows on my computer.  Bean started stirring a little bit before 4.  It took me a little bit, but I got up, got her up and changed, and brought her back down to the living room.  We survived on our own until Steve got home around 6.  I think his dinner consisted of waffles and bacon, while Bean's consisted of a cup of applesauce, and I don't think I got any.  I was feeling very crummy, fighting a fever, chills, and a headache.  I drank a lot of Powerade during the day and crackers on and off.  At 7:45, Steve put Bean in bed and I called it a night.  

We all slept great through the night - finally! I woke up on Wednesday feeling like a new person.  I still had aches, but overall was pretty functional compared to the previous day! Now are fingers are crossed and we are watching for any signs of sickness in Steve.  I don't know how I would have survived without him.  He seriously is the best!


So this is where I thought the post would end. But I was wrong.  Wednesday night at midnight, Steve fell victim to the puke flu.  He was up most of the night like I was.  I helped him set-up shop in the bathroom.  Comforter to lay on, pillow, blanket, even the space heater! I knew what he was going through and wanted to help out however I could. Once I knew there was no more I could do for him, I switched rooms and slept in the guest room.  And by sleeping I mean, lay in bed until Bean cried out (I went in her room twice), or until I went and checked on Steve. 

Needless to say, we are over being sick and ready for a healthy home!  We have officially deemed this week "PukeFest2015". 

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