Friday, May 1, 2015

Cincinnati Visit

Last weekend, we loaded up the car Saturday morning and headed south to visit with Steve's sister and brother-in-law.  Despite the rainy weather, we had a great visit and got to see (and help around) their new house!

Bean LOVED their new home (of course we did, too!). She especially loved running around like a crazy person in rooms.  It's not very often she is "cage-free"; but since they didn't have much in the house yet, she was able to roam as she pleased.

We got there in time to eat some lunch and catch up.  We then offered our services to be put to work to help accomplish some of their "new house" tasks.  Ashley headed out to pick up some paint and supplies, while the boys got to work on a leaky toilet project.  I set up the pack'n'play and put Bean down for a nap.  I'm not sure how much she actually slept, but she laid up there quietly, which was good enough for me! I prepped the dining room to be painted once Ashley returned!

(Steve working on getting the old toilet seal off in preparation for the new one.) 

We speedily taped up the trim and got straight to work.  Bean woke up, but played quietly in her crib for a little bit.  Once Steve finished up the toilet project, he got her up and watched her while I finished painting with Ashley.  I did the trim with a brush while she rolled.  I wasn't sure when we started if we would get the room done, but we did! It probably took us around 3-4 hours from start of saying, "let's paint!" to cleaning everything up!

(Ashley speedily painting.  I always get concerned about dark paint, but I loved it! Since the trim is all white, and there were lots of windows, it really emphasized the neat architecture of the ceiling!)

(Daddy watching Bean while we finished up painting.  She had her choice of Sesame Street on the laptop in here or Chuggington on the big screen - Uncle Scott set it up just for her - in the other room!)

We called it a day and headed to dinner at our favorite Dewey's Pizza! Oh that place is delicious! After dinner we headed to their old house for the evening.  We put Bean to bed there with the intention of helping to pack up some more of their stuff in boxes.  We had the boxes, but not the paper/bubble wrap/etc.  So instead, we just sort of chilled and talked - well, Ash & I talked while the guys were on devices.  Scott and Ashley then headed to their new house, leaving us to stay at the old house for the evening.

In the morning, we got up, got ready, loaded up the car, and met them at Sleepy Bee for a delicious breakfast.  I got this really good breakfast sandwich while Steve tried an array (3 different kinds!) of pancakes.  Everything was really good, and I still can't decide which was better - my sandwich or the apple pancakes.  mmmmmm

From the cafe, we headed to church! We signed Bean into the nursery and found our way to the sanctuary. Their church has recently renovated and moved into the building and it was gorgeous! It was a great blend of old and new!  Since Bean's nap rapidly approaches after church.  We decided it was best to go ahead and head north for some lunch and then head on home so she could sleep in the car.  We said goodbye to Scott & Ashley and headed on our way.  It just so happens that Ikea is conveniently located in Northern Cincinnati along the highway.

(We use a lot of gimmicks in the car to entertain Bean.  Here she's playing with a big map. It lasted like 10 minutes.  But it was a quiet 10 minutes.)

We made our stop (Bean stayed awake from church to Ikea, which is pretty exciting stuff in our world).  We quickly walked through Ikea on the hunt for new lamps.  We did our research and new our options. We found the lamps, made our picks and headed on our way (Bean also got a bonus Popsicle making set).  We of course feasted on a hot dog lunch (even Bean ate some!), loaded up the car, and headed home!

(New lights!  Before, I only had a little desk lamp on my side.)

(It gives off such a nice glow!)

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