Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ode to a Blog

Oh long lost blog, you are not forgotten, just merely tabled.
Life has become a little insane and I feel like I'm treading water in the middle of the ocean.
The past month has been topsy turvy with more days away from the house than present in it.
"I wish I had more time", something I constantly find myself saying.
I experienced life as a single mom, and hated it.
Bean has lost a lot of her baby and is rapidly becoming a little girl.  With that change has come a new phase, leaving us all very tired.
"Survive the day" = my current mantra.
We are in a season of frustration, learning, and challenges; yet very thankful for the growth the challenges are bringing.

I'll try to catch up with posts on all that we've done in the past month.  Unfortunately, I have to prioritize things to get done each day, and the blog never makes the list.  I'll work on that.  But for now, if you need me, you'll find me sobbing in a corner or asleep (depends on if the child is awake or asleep).

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