Saturday, September 11, 2010

You can't put a leash on this!

Ha ha, so the title of this blog is a joke between Steve and I. We joke that his working and my staying at home allowed him to "control" my comings and goings. But now that I have my very own car in Jackson, he can't stop me! Okay okay, I guess he could stop me by cutting me off the credit card, but of course I don't really spend that much (and when I do, it's groceries for him).

Well, now that I'm mobile and able to get out whenever I want, I have been able to get some things done in town. For instance, on Thursday I went to the license branch and got my TN driver's license. Steve hasn't done his yet, but I can't control him either! When I went to get my license, I had to prove residency. You had to bring 2 forms stating your name and address on it (like a bill or bank statement). Luckily, I had a bill that I could use and then thought the lease for our house would work. When I got there, I had some issues with the lease. Apparently the lease is only in Steve's name (even though I signed it at the bottom). The license branch could use the lease as long as I proved I was married to Steve. Good thing I brought my marriage license with me! So what could have been a disaster turned out very easy (especially since I didn't have to take a test).

On Friday, I went to the Jackson-Madison County School central office and applied to be a substitute teacher. I have to wait for them to contact me with information on the next substitute workshop. So, it's still just a waiting game. Now, Steve and I are just wasting away our Saturday in preparation for our trip to St. Louis tomorrow. Steve has to do some business in St. Louis on Monday, so we're headed their tomorrow with another couple (our friends we've been hanging out with). So we'll spend Sunday night in St. Claire (outside of St. Louis) because that's where the place Steve and Jake have business. Once they're done running their tests and looking at equipment, we'll all drive to St. Louis and stay in the city on Monday night and return to Jackson on Tuesday.

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  1. you're lucky you had an easy time at the license branch. I had to go there three times before I got my name and address changed. Nothing I took in was good enough for proof of address. Even health insurance papers, everything else was too old. I finally got it done,thankfully.