Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Gatlinburg Pictures

I had some glitches on the last post while trying to add pictures, so they get their own post:

Upon arriving at the Buckberry Lodge in Gatlinburg, we were greeted by this lovely hiking bear.

This picture's for Doug -- This Moose sat pointed they way to a breakfast of pastries, cereals, and yogurt. Steve and I opted to eat outside on the balcony overlooking the woods, instead of eating inside by the moose.

Here is one of the barns at the apple orchard. The orchard consisted of several different buildings -- creamery, candy, winery, Christmas shop, Grill, Restaurant, and the Cider Mill. I imagine that the place is hopping during late summer and early fall. We really liked the Restaurant. Steve and I split a meal which included apple fritters, side salad, soup, beans, mashed potatoes, fried apples, pork loin, cobbler, and apple spice cake. It was delicious!

Steve convinced me that we should do this 2 mile hike which somehow was uphill both ways! Halfway through the hike, we were greeted by this sign (to the right) pointing that the falls were to the right. In case you missed the sign, someone created a circle of leaves surrounding an arrow made of sticks pointing to the falls (left of picture).

Here is a picture of Beskin Falls. I was convinced several times along the hike that I would never make it; however, Steve was very encouraging and I made it to the end! I sat on a rock by the falls while Steve got as close as possible.

Along the path to the falls we had to cross a creak. Steve got a kick out of my dainty rock hopping. On the way back to the car (pictured), it was raining. If you don't know me very well - I HATE rain, especially on my neck! The rain did not help in the trek (uphill somehow) back to the car. That little red Honda never looked so good!

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  1. I love that pic with steve and the bear. The decorations looked beautiful just below the bear. Did you get a shot of that? The leaves looked beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.