Friday, April 15, 2011

A Classroom of My Own

About the time I posted the last blog (P&G craziness), I got a phone call to sub for the week of April 11-15. I quickly accepted, hung up the phone, and went about the next week with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces visiting. I never thought that accepting that one phone call would become another life changer.

When I showed up on Monday to sub in the class, I discovered that detailed plans weren't left. As a sub, you learn to just wing it sometimes. However, the whole entire week turned into "winging it". This week marked TCAP (Tennessee standardized testing) week. My first grade class didn't have to test. However, my classroom was in a hallway with several testing classes. I ended up combining my class with another in the 1st grade hallway all week. We did lots of activities like movies, art projects, and activity centers. The week ended up going well since all the first graders & first grade teachers were working together.

All week long, the other first grade teachers kept asking me if I was staying on for the rest of the year. I soon learned that the teacher I was subbing for was out for the rest of the year. I sent an email to the principal saying I was willing, but new that I may not be eligible because of my degree. In order to sub for more than 15 days for the same class, you have to have a degree. I wasn't sure if my Secondary History degree would count in an elementary class. Well on Thursday, the principal came into my classroom to let me know she had it cleared with the district and I am the new teacher! She also gave me some great feedback. She said that she had heard so many great things about me and how my class was doing. It made me feel pretty good :)

The other teachers have been so helpful in making sure that I'm involved in decision processes and planning activities. They even plan all their lessons together. They gave me the information on what I have to teach each day, I just have to figure out how to teach it. I also got really lucky in that I have really good kids (and there's only 13 of them!)

Coming from experience in a middle school, I have quickly discovered the "power of the corner". It's so much easier to say "Go stand in the corner" than having to make threats, sending to the office, or taking away points. Another great thing, is that you can get a kid to do anything for a piece of candy. I have 3 kids who all need stapled to their chairs, but I'm quickly learning how to keep them entertained (or tell them to stand in the corner!).

I can't believe it's only been 1 week. I feel like it's been longer, but all the other teachers keep telling me this week has felt long due to the TCAP testing. I'll go with them on that for now. It'll be hard to figure out the feel of a "normal" week. The next 2 weeks are only 4 day weeks (I get Good Friday & the following Monday off). After those two weeks, there's only 3 weeks of school left. I got this!


  1. How about a pic of your little kiddos?
    I'm so excited for you but you will
    be busy to take you mind off of everything else!

  2. I'm glad you posted this...I have been wondering how it all went down. I'm so excited that you have this opportunity! It sounds like the other teachers have been helpful, which is a big blessing. Enjoy being a full-time teacher for the next few weeks! : )

  3. Remember, you can always ask for whatever you need. I have a TON of stuff for all elementary grades and I can scan/email/mail you whatever I have that you want!