Monday, May 9, 2011

Field Day!!!

Today, I got the privilege of experiencing field day with my kiddos. Field day consists of the kids signing up for events in advance (like 50 yd dash, football throw, class relay, balloon toss, etc) and battling out against all the other first graders. Over the weekend, I made t-shirts for all my kids so that we would match and have team unity (and all the other teachers were doing it, so why not!).

We had good weather while we were outside, even though it was in the mid 80s. I got to sit under a tree and keep track of my kids' scores, so I enjoyed the breeze and the shade. However, the kids were all running around in an open area under the hot sun. I luckily bought some water & juice on a whim, which came in super handy for the kids!

Here are some pictures of my classroom, class, and pictures from the day:

I have a total of 14 students (I started with 13 but got a new kid around Easter). One of my kids did not get to participate in Field Day because he was in In-School Suspension for the day. While in the classroom, the kids sit in tables of 3-4. During the morning we work on reading activities, leaving the afternoon for math, science/spelling/social studies, and an activity (art, library, music, P.E., etc).

Here are a few of my kids entertaining themselves with the grass while they were waiting for their event to be called. In the background, there is some sort of game (I think it was frisbee throw) going on. My students are pretty antsy, so they can only last in an activity so long before they go stir-crazy. I also have some students who have issues with sitting still, so I was pretty tired with keeping my kids in check by the end of the day.

Here are my kiddos in their shirts that I made (well, minus the little girl in front, she got too hot and took her matching shirt off). Also, yes, I am the only whitey in my class. I stick out like a sore thumb when I'm with them. The front of their shirts say "Ackerman's Alligators" with a picture of an alligator on it. Throughout the day, they'd chant "Alligators, Alligators!!" Ha ha, we did have a fun time, but I'm glad it's over!


  1. I love the pictures and the alligator tshirts. Did you do them free hand with a fabric paint squirter? :Looks great. I get they kept you busy. On our field day I usually babysit the 7th graders who run the whole field day. Less tiring.

  2. I created a "stencil" by drawing the design on paper with a sharpie. Then, I would put my "stencil" under the shirt and draw on the shirt using paint pens. They are definitely keeping me busy. Only 8 days left!