Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Week

I can't believe this is my last week as a first grade teacher. I've enjoyed the whole experience, but I am totally ready to be done! I've learned a lot about classroom management and have gotten some more great ideas to add to my future teaching plans (whatever the grade may be!). Even though I'm certified for secondary (middle or high school) Social Studies, I've really enjoyed being in an elementary setting and may (some day) get certified to teach elementary.

This week is going to be pretty crazy at school. Of course all the kids have the end-of-year-summer-is-coming squirm going on. They are all ready to be out of school as much as I'm ready to be done. There really isn't much "academics" going on this week (especially for 1st grade), so my week will be consisting more of babysitting than teaching. We'll be doing lots of videos ( is a God-send!), coloring, and computer activities. We're having an awards day as well as class party on Thursday, leaving Friday as a clean-up day.

As if the week won't be crazy enough (planning the class party, coming up with little treats for the kids, keeping the house clean, & Steve fed), we've decided to return Ian's (Steve's brother) car to Colorado this weekend. We will be leaving right after I get off school on Friday. So I also have to add in laundry & packing into the crazy week. I got the car cleaned up today so that's one thing off the list. Now to just prioritize the list and figure out what to do next. This week will fly by!

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  1. We cant wait to see both of you! Ill be praying for your last week.