Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family, Fun, & Birthday

My parents came down to visit Steve and I two weekends ago. They arrived on Sunday (June 12) just after church. My dad left the next day, leaving mom to stay all week with us. During her visit, she helped me babysit, took a trip to Memphis, and started to pack up the house. It was really nice to have her here and show her what my day to day life looks like.

Everyone knows how crazy I am about my family and that I travel up to Indiana to see them quite a bit; however, this is only the 2nd time she has been to visit me in Tennessee! Who knows, it may be the last time (with our impending move ahead). It was also nice to have my mom all to myself :). We even were able to have a couple "mommy & me dates" including a lunch at Red Robin & saw "Water for Elephants".

We left Tennessee Friday morning (which also happened to be my birthday-- nothing like spending 8 hours in a car!). Unfortunately, Steve did not make the trip with us. He said he's still "carred up" from the Colorado drive. I drove the first couple hours (in the rain, which I hate) and then my mom drove the rest (I told her I'd switch back but I think she enjoys being in charge in a car).

We arrived to my parents' house were my sister and her 3 girls had decorated the kitchen (Twilight themed- no doubt) & threw me a little "surprise" party. I had already known they were coming over & planning on staying the night, the decorations were the surprise. However, I know my sister all too well & knew there would be Twilight decorations at some point over the weekend.

On Saturday, lots of people were in and out of the house. My brother & his wife dropped their baby off in the morning for my mom to babysit. Grandpa arrived at some point and we had a little cookout. After lunch, my sister, nieces, and Grandpa left, leaving the house quiet with just my parents, other sister, baby, and myself. (I told you lots of people were in and out, it gets confusing even if you were present). In the evening, my bestest friend Megan and her boyfriend Joel came over for a visit. Joel got to experience his first evening with the Willis family. He came out unscathed, so I guess it was a good evening (my family has a reputation of crazy first impressions -- go figure).

Sunday was spent honoring my dad and Grandpa. We went out to eat after church and then made a quick visit to see Pappaw in the nursing home. Once we got home, all craziness broke out. The men all huddled at the kitchen table playing computer games all afternoon (Steve was even involved in the gaming, playing online from Tennessee). I spent a few hours playing "American Girls" with my nieces in the newly cleaned out basement. That evening, we had a big cookout (In attendance: Mom, Dad, Sara, Ryan, Lori, Joe, Liz, Charlotte, Chris, Amber, Emily, Allie, Gabbie, Grandpa, and myself, whew!). After eating, we enjoyed watching the Adams girls play in the hot tub & then fool around with poppers in the back yard. Eventually, the house cleared out & I convinced Amber & girls to stay the night again (it didn't take too much convincing).

I was originally supposed to return to Jackson on Monday, but I stuck around one more day in order to hang out with my really good friend April. She and I have started a tradition of movie nights (dating back 3 years?) that usually include Chinese food.

I drove by myself back to Jackson on Tuesday. Needless to say, it was a full trip & I am now tuckered out.

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