Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Car

After much research, many test drives, and lots of whining (on my part), we purchased our first new car! It's a 2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback SL.

We arrived at the dealership in Memphis around 5:30, and drove off the lot a little after 8. We got the car in Memphis because Steve did online research and negotiations with different dealerships. We were hoping for a different color, but we couldn't turn down the price we got with the black one.

Originally, we were going to by a Hyundai Elantra; however, over Memorial Day weekend, we test drove the Versa and fell in love. It is very spacious, huge windows (meaning huge visibility!), and easy to get in and out of. It's mpg ranges from 28-40, which sealed the deal for us.

The Versa comes in 2 different designs. You can get just the Versa which is a 4 door car with a basic trunk or you can get the Versa hatchback. I had been begging Steve for a crossover (suv style car but on a car chassis) and we felt the Versa hatchback was the best of both worlds. You get the mpg as a car, but the space and appearance of the crossover.

The inside is charcoal (or black with grey features). The seats are a durable cloth while the doors are lined with leather. We went with the SL version for it's better gas mileage, and the leather and details on the car come with the SL. I still can't get over how spacious the inside is. Everyone knows that Steve is a very tall fellow. While test driving, I sat behind his seat and still had a foot of extra leg room (something that is very rare!). The top of the car is also higher than most which allows for extra head room as well as easier access into the car.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to finally have a car I can call my own (well, Steve and I are sharing it, so technically it's not mine, but a girl can dream) and I am equally thrilled that we got the car that we did!

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