Saturday, June 4, 2011

Job Offer -- not what you think. . .

At this point in our situation, you'd expect a post about a job offer to be about Steve; however, it's about me. Earlier this week I got a call from Jackson Madison County Schools, asking me to stay on as a full time first grade teacher for next year. The position is at the same school that I did my 6-week sub.

It was really hard to turn down the offer. Not knowing when we are moving is killing me; however, I know without a doubt we'll be out of Jackson by November. It wouldn't be fair to have accepted the job for a few months for them to have to find someone else.

It's especially hard to turn down a teaching job when my whole year of subbing was working towards an offer for next year. After subbing all different grades in Jackson, I discovered that I truly loved working with the elementary age. Since I don't have a license for elementary, the school would have given me a temporary license and helped me achieve a permanent one.

Oh well, God has different plans for us. I just got to keep telling myself that. All in His time, all in His plan.

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