Monday, October 10, 2011

Change of Pace

I have officially subbed at Western for a total of 4 days. Last week, I overlapped a day with the teacher I'm covering for. I was able to see how she interacted with the students, how the worked, and to figure out what I would be responsible for while she is away.

I finished out the week by proctoring their Unit Test over Ancient Egypt & Kush. It was a doozy of a test! They had 60 questions fill in the blank, 30 multiple choice, 15 true/false, and an essay to write. It was scheduled to take 2 days, but not everyone got it done in the allotted time. Today I was able to catch almost everyone up (I still have absences to make up and a few to finish their essays).

Today also marked the beginning of their new unit, which I will be teaching -- Judaism. We started the section off with reading the text and starting a map assignment (Students have a list of items -- cities, rivers, mountains, regions -- that have to be identified on a blank map. The students have the whole week to turn it in and will be tested over the geography on Friday). Tomorrow starts the actual teaching and note-taking.

It's weird to be teaching the history of religion in a public school. Our unit begins talking about Abraham, Moses and the Exodus, and will end with the time of judges, King David and Solomon. The students will also be watching the movie Prince of Egypt to help understand Jewish history and the first monotheistic (belief in one god) religion. {Can you tell I'm in teaching mode?}

I am truly enjoying being back at my old turf. It feels as if it was just yesterday I was sitting in Mrs. B's classroom (instead of 11 years ago). I get to work with some of my old teachers, which is kind of weird; however, it's also nice to already know their personalities. The best part at subbing at Western is, by far, the students! They have been absolutely wonderful!!! I have a few chatty students, but nothing compared to what I was dealing with in Tennessee. I have found myself looking forward to the next class coming in, realizing that time is flying by way too fast, and sad about having to go home at the end of the day (although, I am also pooped and crash upon returning home).

Which speaking of, it's past my bedtime and I feel like I'm rambling now. Hopefully, you get the idea that I am LOVING subbing right now. This experience is exactly what I needed. This is just one more reason why I'm so excited to move (good school systems!).

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