Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Extravaganza!!

This is the first year that Steve and I have participated in Halloween activities together. Last year, Steve and I weren't even in the same state for Halloween, I was dressed up collecting candy in Disney with my family while Steve lived the bachelor life in Jackson.

Even though we don't have kids yet, we've decided to start making "family traditions". We stated our Halloween weekend with what I hope will remain a tradition in the Ackerman household. Steve and I watched a Halloween-esque movie (Legend of Sleepy Hollow, although we will watch something more kid friendly movie when little ones are involved) while carving pumpkins together. We had gone out to dinner and stopped at Walmart to get a carving kit (I had gotten the pumpkins earlier in the week). The Halloween section was hopping at Walmart, but we found what we came for & headed home.

To my surprise, Steve was really into the pumpkin carving (usually he is just amusing me). He actually picked out a pattern (as opposed to free-styling a molecule like the last pumpkin he carved before we dated). We spent a good couple hours on the pumpkins and had a very enjoyable evening. We even roasted the pumpkin seeds (by we, I mean I).

(My pumpkin is on the left -- Scarecrow w/Welcome & Steve's is on the right -- A Ghost)

Last night, we continued our Halloween festivities by attending a Halloween party. One of Steve's co-workers went all out and had a Halloween party. Both the inside and outside of his house were decked out with Halloween decorations. Dressing up was encouraged. I reused my Tinkerbell costume from last year. We threw together a "Captain Hook" costume for Steve. I was given a budget of $10, only allowing a pirate hat & hook. Had I had more time, I would have made him a real captain hook costume, maybe that'll be for next year ;-).

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