Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ackerman Visit Part 1

Over this past weekend, Steve's parents came to visit.  They were hoping that there would be leaves to rake while they were here; however, the weather and our trees didn't cooperate, so we came up with other around the house projects to work on.

We had quite the list, but didn't expect much of it, or really any of it, done.  But his parents went to work and plowed through the list.  We are still amazed all that we got done in one weekend!  While they were here they  accomplished tearing all the ivy off the garage, cleaning out the weeds behind the garage, tearing out all the plywood on the inside of the garage, washed all the downstairs windows, scraped and painted some outside areas of the house (where bare wood was showing), raked a section of the side yard, trimmed lots of bushes and small trees in the landscaping, and completed the slate roof project!

(All the plywood -- on the right -- was torn out and bagged up.  Steve has big dreams of insulating, dry walling, and creating a better tool system inside the garage.)

(The back of the garage was left alone for now.  The wood paneling will need to be torn out, but we saved it for a later date.)

(Trisha worked diligently getting the plywood out form behind the wood base.  The plywood was pretty dusty and who knows what was in it, so we wore masks while tearing it out. . . well, most of us wore masks ;-).  )

(After the plywood was torn off, we can see what was behind it.  2 different kinds of "bricks".  The middle section of the wall (on both sides) is done in the original brick that matches the outside.  We can't figure out if there used to be a door there or why they chose different bricks on the inside.  Weird.)

Don't think that we're slave drivers, their visit wasn't just all work.  We also managed to squeeze in a library adventure with Trisha, the Ohio State v. Purdue game with Doug, and took them to our new church.  I still can't believe how much we crammed in with them over the weekend with all that got done.  By the end of the weekend, I'm not sure who was more tired -- them or us.  Regardless, we had a great time with them!

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