Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Work" Trip

After 15 years of hard work, one of my sisters finally earned her college degree!  Congratulations Sara :)!! Bean and I went to Indiana to celebrate Sara's tremendous accomplishment.  Little did we know what we were getting involved in. . . 

2 weeks prior to graduation, my parents decided to remodel their house, which involved tearing up tile, laying a new Pergo floor in most of the main areas, and painting.  Oh, and to top it off, this time frame also included my grandpa moving in with my parents for a couple weeks while visiting from CA.  When Bean and I showed up Monday afternoon (24 hours prior to party time), you could barely walk through the kitchen, the living room was still tarped/torn apart from painting, and my dad was working on the floor in the foyer.  I quickly got to work helping out and didn't stop until we left Wednesday morning.  

Sara's graduation was supposed to be outside Tuesday morning, but due to weather, it was delayed until Tuesday afternoon.  Her graduation started 30 minutes prior to her party starting.  So when the party started, it was just me, my aunt, and grandpa at the house.  People started showing up and I was still finishing up cleaning/decorating and hadn't even started to set out all the food.  I had a frenzy of stress during the beginning, but people jumped in and helped and it all worked out.  Oh, and Bean took an awesome 2 hr nap during all the frenzy which allowed me to focus on hosting.  And when she did wake up, she was a trooper as she was passed around to people she doesn't know.  Sara had a great turnout and loved her luau themed party.  Of course, I got no pictures :-/.

(Bean finally got to meet her Great Grandpa Monkey!  He was supposed to visit sooner, but the trip kept getting delayed due to him having bad health and then the crazy winter weather.  Grandpa is doing great and we had great weather during his visit. Grandpa especially enjoyed watching Bean play!)

(My mom holding Savannah - an "add-on" grandchild & one of her good friends Diane holding Bean! Oh, and check out that brand new floor!)

(My niece Emily got to feed Bean for the first time while my sister Amber held her.  Bean enjoyed eating some avocado & bananas from Em - Yummy!!)

(Saying bye to Grandpa.  Until next time!)

Bean and I got home Wednesday afternoon and I had to buckle down and get us ready for vacation!  Our flight to California was that Saturday.  I didn't even start packing until Friday afternoon!

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  1. we are waiting for a google+ video of the crawling.......