Saturday, February 28, 2015

Daily Shenanigans

Bean has quite the daily routine.  She has certain toys that she plays with every day (baby dolls, blocks, wooden puzzle pieces).  Other toys are randomly chosen to be her favorite of the day (harmonica, cell phone, weebles).  She is mostly an independent player, but sometimes she wants me to play with her (and I happily oblige!).

She spends most of her time pinned in the living room, but now that she's walking, I've let her come out and follow me around the kitchen and main areas.  The stairs always tempt her and I'll give her a couple chances before she gets pinned back in the living room.  She's learning though, as her times "out of the cage" are becoming longer and longer.

When we're in the kitchen together, she has certain areas and things she has learned she can play with. For instance, she knows she can pull out certain drawers and play with the things in them -- cup lids in one, hot chocolate and tea packets in others.  She has magnets on the fridge which find their way onto the floor, dishwasher, stove, and new favorite location -- the bottom step of the stairs.  What a funny girl! She crackers herself up and now races to get the magnets on the fridge and place them one by one on the steps.  Sometimes she'll reverse the process and put them back onto the fridge.  What a cute girl!

Steve went outside to warm up the car while I was getting us ready to head out.  After I got her shoes and hat on, she immediately went into "move magnet" action while I packed up her bag and got her coat:

(And now we can add pulling recyclables out of the trash and carrying them around.  In 2 separate occasions, she dug out a milk jug and happily carried it all around with her until we finally take it away and throw it out.)

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  1. I love those action shots with the magnets! I can just imagine her doing this.