Wednesday, July 15, 2015

West Coast Visitors

Last month (still playing blog catch-up!) we had some special West Coast visitors!  Steve's aunt and cousin stopped by for a few days on their way home from visiting family on the East Coast.

It was fun to get to hang out with Jill & Maddie, share our home with them, get to know them more, and even JAM with them!  Jill is a fellow Jamberry "Sista" and we got to have tons of Jam time together! I am of course horrible about taking photos and got zero with Jill and I together.  We'll have to remedy that next visit together!

While they were here, Jill went with me to praise team practice (and saw a struggling practice without the main leader), we talked and applied Jamberry wraps, babysat James (Maddie loved entertaining the kiddos!), went shopping at the Outlet mall in Cincinnati, ate dinner at a local restaurant, Scott/Ashley/Tyson came up for a night, and we walked in the rain to a big garage sale nearby.  It was a packed 4 days of fun!

(Bean especially loved all the attention from these two!  Jill taught her how to play the kazoo - which she plays all around the house daily.  Bean loved to show off for these two by dancing and being her silly self.  They'd catch her silliness on their phones and Bean would ask to see the videos over and over and over again.)

(Dinner time shenanigans -- stealing sour cream, guac, and chips from Maddie!)

(After everyone left on Saturday, we discovered that the toilet in our bathroom was leaking!  We were in the living room and heard a crazy dripping sound and saw the water dripping from the ceiling in the dining room.  Ugh!  We immediately figured out it was the toilet.  Steve shut off the water, moved the toilet and discovered the seal was messed up.  So he cleaned up the seal and I got the brilliant idea to paint that little patch that I couldn't reach when the toilet was in place.  What should've taken a quick 5 min took like 25 because I let Bean help me stir the paint -- what could go wrong?!  Well, for starters, she could pull the stick up out of the paint and press it against her brand new outfit and get paint all over!  I panicked, tore the clothes off and ran to the other bathroom to wash the paint off.  3 washes later, the paint was gone!  I am a stain master! Steve got the paint off the floor and kept Bean entertained until I returned and finished up the painting on my own.  Then a trip to Menard's, new seal purchased and put back on, and the toilet problem was solved.  Whew! What a way to end a busy weekend!)

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