Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Funny Bean

I love watching Bean's personality come out.  As she learns and grows, I see different qualities come out that make me chuckle.  One day, she went through an "OCD/Collections" phase as I call it.  She commonly will make a collection of toys buy putting them in a bucket, carry them somewhere, unload bucket, then reload and move again.  On this day, she took it to a whole new level:

(She was quietly playing while I was watching the news and doing my morning "catch up online" routine.  I looked up to realize that she had picked up all the toys from around the living room and placed them all on the coffee table. She was very proud of herself when they were all on there.)

(Once they were all on the table, she took them all off.  One by one, the toys found a spot on the floor around the table.)

(Then we went upstairs.  She has a small bag of toys in her room that she has recently discovered.  She took the toys out one by one and placed them on the bathroom floor.  I was working upstairs changing sheets, putting clothes away, etc while she quietly arranged her toys.)

(Once the toys were on the bathroom floor, she took them one by one and put them up on my bed.)

(Then she wanted to "climb" on the bed with the toys. So I put her up there.)

(She then moved all the toys to be around her and happily played. When it was time to head back downstairs, she put all the toys back into the bag while singing the "Clean Up" song.  Only it sounds more like "Kueeen Uuhhhp" when she says it.)

(A few weeks later and she's still making "collections" with her toys!)

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