Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brand New Kitchen

It's amazing how a few changes here and there can make a space feel brand new.  Last winter, when Steve proposed a summer kitchen remodel, I thought he was crazy.  I mean, the cabinets looked good; sure the counter top was a bit outdated; and it definitely needed paint; but a whole overhaul?!  He proposed new lights, tiling a backplash and then painting the countertops?!  I thought he was crazy. I couldn't envision his proposals.  I begrudgingly went along.

1 full month of hard work and I now hate myself for ever doubting!  I LOVE the new kitchen.  It's beautiful and bright and I actually WANT to spend time in there.  We still want to switch out 1 more light, and I need to do some ceiling work (touchup/paint).  But overall, it's checked off my list.

It's hard to capture the change in the entire room in pictures.  I'll break down my blogposts over the remodel into each phase:
*Phase 1 - Countertops & Sink
*Phase 2 - Tiling the Blacksplash & Lights
*Phase 3 - Painting & Clean-Up

But I'll leave you with some brief before/after shots!


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