Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Fun

Easiest way to catch up 2 months of blogging? Throw as much as you can in one post! So here are pictures and short snippets of what's been going on:

(Trying to enjoy the outside as much as possible before the cold whether comes! Bean loves coloring with chalk and trying to catch bubbles outside!)

(Daddy teaching Bean about seeding the yard.  She even got to help sprinkle some of the grass seeds!)

(Bean has really flourished in her play! She now takes multiple figurines and acts out little scenarios.  Most of the time, she is saying stuff that I don't understand. I just happened to catch a little princess sleepover happening before bed.)

(Bean has really started to take on dressing up! She loves to wear different hats and masks while she plays - and daddy's shoes!  She's also become very opinionated about what she wears on a daily basis.  She'd wear the same Ariel & Minnie dresses every day if I'd let her.)

(James became more fun to play with! Now that he sits up and crawls around, they are able to interact more together.  Bean is also a HUGE help now.  I can ask her to get things for him or even for herself.  So nice having a little helper around the house!  One of her favorite activities is taking items to the trash.  Which I realized she was having too much fun and she threw some of her toys away.  Now I monitor the trash a little better.) 

(All dressed up for church!  Bean is still able to wear this outfit that she got for Christmas last year! Thanks again John & Kim!)

(If Bean got her way, we'd go to the park daily.  We don't make it there that often, but when we do, she loves it!  Sometimes we meet up with friends, sometimes it's just us.  Either way, she has fun!)

(She has graduated from going down the slides with me, to going on her own.  I still freak out with her going by herself though.)

(She has dreams of being able to climb everything.  I'm too nervous to let that happen!)

(One of Bean's favorite things to do is "go to church!".  Lucky for her, we go every Wednesday night so Steve/I can work in AWANA.  While we are working with the older kids, Bean gets to hang out in the nursery with her "friends" and "She-She" -- Miss Sherrie! One night at AWANA, it was career night and I threw on an apron. Bean wanted to match and wore an apron to church, too.  She likes to wear it now around the house and has me put one on, too.)

(Playing doctor and making sure James wasn't sick)

(We knew this day would come - James's last day - but didn't know it would be so soon!  Sara's bakery dreams are coming true & the shop is slated to open by December! James was on a wait list for a daycare.  Original plan was for him to go there part time, and me watch him part time.  However, they got a call that there was an opening for a full time spot.  If they turned it down, they weren't sure of the next opening.  So they took it.  We still try to get the kids together to play, but it's not the same without James around weekly!)

(I'm not sure who was responsible for the big mess.  I was just happy they were playing "together".)

(With our cruise in September and Disney in October, there was constantly suitcases and chaos in Momma's room.  Bean loves to play in there while I work -- putting laundry away, cleaning the bathroom, packing, etc.  She found random items from around the room and put them in the suitcase.  Said she was going to Disney World!)

(Then it turned into putting a pillow and blanket in the suitcase so she could go to sleep.  She was actually upset when I told her she had to go to her bed to sleep!)

(Post Disney -- Bean LOVES to ride on the horse at Meijer, now.  She starts asking to "ride horse" as soon as I start to walk towards the registers.)

(Another day on the horse!)

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