Thursday, March 24, 2016

Playing Catch-Up & Bean Shenanigans

A lot has happened since our cruise.  I've been really busy between watching an extra kiddo again, working on some random house projects, and sickness. So this will be a brief post, mainly of photos of the past month!

(Even though our Kitchen Remodel was back in August, we still had one last thing to do - paint the ceiling.  So one Saturday we covered up the kitchen and got it done!)

(We had changed the light fixture from a big box with fluorescent bulbs to school house lighting.  You could see the outline of the old lights on our ceiling and it drove me nuts.  We thought maybe we could just paint that area, but we had to do a coat over the whole ceiling.  And if the paint is out, why not do some touch-ups in the dining room and kitchen bathroom, too??)

(So happy to have the ceiling done!)
("Jamberrries!" -- I created a monster.  I've been randomly painting her nails with Jamberry lacquer, but it wouldn't last past a few days.  I finally got the courage to put actual wraps on her fingers.  She's in love with them and constantly asks to have her nails done.  The wraps last on her fingers for over a week, so I'm fine with our weekly nail date!)

(I'm back to watching James once a week - on Mondays.  However, there were a few days that he wasn't allowed at day care over some eye issue.  So we had some extra days with James one week.  At the time, we thought the eye issue wasn't a big deal, but it turned out he was actually sick.)

(James's little eye issue was actually a symptom of a sinus infection which he graciously shared with Bean.  The kids have the same doctor and as soon as I noticed Bean had a fever and cough, I got her into the doctor and on antibiotics.  She felt pretty crummy, but she didn't get too sick since we were proactive about it. Her cough lingered around for almost 2 weeks, but she bounced back to her normal crazy after a couple days.)

(Thanks to a friend I met through Jamberry, she informed me that our library does preschool story time
 sessions.  You sign your kid up before the session starts - for free! It's a 4 week deal, where on Friday mornings the kids are entertained with books, music, and special guests like tortoises! What a fun activity!)

(We had an impromptu lunch date at Applebee's after library and running some errands.  Bean must have loved it - even though she didn't eat much of her chicken or fries - because whenever we pass Applebee's she asks to go eat.)

(Our last snow, which was only a few inches, was the heavy kind of snow that is perfect for packing.  We hadn't been able to get out and play in the snow at all this winter, so Bean was overjoyed when daddy pulled out the snow gear after getting home from work.  He was determined to make a snowman!)

(Bean helped roll the snowballs around.  I've never made a snowman like this before. I've just sort of piled up the snow and kind of shaped it into a snow blob, so this was fun for me!)

(She was adamant that the snowman needed arms and eyes.  She found the sticks and put them in herself.)

(We've had some crazy weather - beautiful warm days mixed in with cold and even snowy days.  On one of those warm days, we spent the afternoon outside - Bean playing & I weeding.  We stopped to share a snack while outside.)

(On the last library session, I was courageous and took James along with us.  I typically watch him on Mondays, but had to swap to Friday because I was gone on Monday.  We survived the library adventure and James found a new love for stickers.)

(I have no words for this crazy kid.  I'm not sure what has brought on her obsession with her aviator hat, but the past few days, she's been putting it on a lot.)

(Bean got a special Easter package in the mail from her "Gran Berry".  It included a bunny with a matching book.  Bean has become attached to it and even took both to bed with her last night.)

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