Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Steve and I have finally made it home from all our holiday travels. We somehow managed to pack Christmas with both our families in one week, which made for lots of traveling, and not much resting. We spent Christmas Eve just the two of us in Tennessee. Even though we were married last Christmas, this felt like our first Christmas together. Last year, we spent Christmas Eve at my parents house; whereas this year it was just us and the beginning of our traditions.

On Christmas day, we flew out to New Jersey to be with Steve's family at his Nanny & Poppy's house. While there, we went to a family Christmas on a farm in Pennsylvania, drove through a blizzard (18" of snow in the end), and spent lots of time laughing with his family. Steve got to have his Birch Beer, TastyKakes, Mack & Manco's Pizza, and Shriver's taffy (all things I hear about all the time when we're away from Jersey). We stayed until Wednesday, and then we headed to see my family in Indiana. Somewhere between saying goodbye in New Jersey and hello in Indiana, I came down with a cold-- runny nose, sore throat, ear ache, the works.

Even though we were in Indiana for only 3 full days, we managed to pack in 2 family Christmases, reigning in the New Year with Carl & Julie, and I packed in a nice visit with my friend April. I don't think I actually "sat down" at all in Indiana. Sometime while there, Steve ended up getting the same cold that I had, and he got to bring it home with him on our early early flight to Tennessee Sunday morning. My wonderful parents woke up with us at 3:30 am to drive us to the airport for our 6:30 flight. Thanks again Mom & Dad!

Since being home, I think I have successfully held down the couch & reminded the television how much it is loved. Steve has also helped in consoling the tv over our absence as well as reminding his desktop computer that it was not forgotten in our absence. All in all, we had a very busy, and yet very enjoyable, holiday trip; however, I am very happy to be back home in Jackson.

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