Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reclaiming the House . . .

Even though we have physically been back in Jackson since Sunday, I finally feel like we are home. I spent the majority of the day reclaiming the house from sickness, Christmas, suitcases, dishes, laundry --- you name it! Steve and I came back from our Christmas travels sick. I bounced back pretty quickly; whereas Steve has been hit pretty hard. You know it's bad when he makes his own appointment to go to the doctor!

All week, I've been either lazy or babysitting little Hadleigh. When she's over, I can maintain the house as it is, but can't catch up. Which is fine with me -- I enjoy having the excuse of playing with a little kid all day! But today, I was finally able to put the rest of Christmas away & packed into the garage, unpack suitcases, and do a deep house clean.

Steve got Monday off, which helped him recuperate a little bit from traveling. He had hoped that sleeping in Monday, and taking it easy all day, would unclog his ear (which got clogged & became painful on the flights home) and bring his energy back. Tuesday, he went back to work & seemed to be about the same. However, Wednesday is a different story -- he came home sick at lunch & took a half day. For those of you who don't know Steve well, he is not one to use vacation days, so the fact he took a half day shows how sick he really is. This morning, his ear was pounding and driving him crazy so he ended up leaving work in the afternoon to head to the doctor. The doctor prescribed him a "heavy duty" antibiotic & medicine for ear congestion, diagnosing him with an upper respiratory & ear infection. Poor guy, he should be back to normal in a week (hopefully the ear pain dies down in the next day or two!).

Odd fact I learned tonight -- if Walmart doesn't have the medicine you need to fill a prescription, they'll have it filled at Sams Club & you don't need a membership to go get the prescription.

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