Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What lies ahead. . .

Most of the time on the blog, I tend to write about things we've done or places we've been; however, this post will be a little different. I want to let you all know where Steve & I are headed this year. (Now, keep in mind this is a tentative plan that can change any moment, especially if it's not in God's plan.)

These first couple months contain some big steps to calling Jackson home. We have attended 2 of 4 membership classes at the church we've been attending. Meaning, after the last class, we will have the opportunity (which we are taking) to become members of Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, Tn (fellowshipjackson.com for those of you interested). We're also attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes (13 week course!) through the church. Hopefully, these classes will help us in some of the big decisions we need to make in the next six months.

Steve and I sat done a month or so ago and had a heart to heart on our future as a couple and our future here in Jackson. Our ultimate goal is for Steve to be transferred to P&G in Cincinnati. The sooner this would happen, the happier I'd be-- especially since this means we'd be 3 hours away from my parents instead of the 9 hour trip (accounting for the time change). Realistically, we will probably be in Jackson for another 3+ years. So that being said. . .

We're buying a house! Or, at least we're researching and starting the house hunt. Our lease for the house we're renting now is up and June, which happens to correspond to Steve's start date with P&G. If you buy a house within the first year of working with the company, they'll help in the buying process & save you some $$$$. We've started creating a list of available houses, noting pros and cons from the pictures, and driving out to see the houses and neighborhoods. Our next step is to contact a Realtor and figure out bank loans and mortgages.

Another big purchase we will be making is a new car. For the past several months, we've been blessed with borrowing a car from Steve's parents. However, in a few months, we're going to be driving it back to Colorado, leaving us with one car. Steve says I've been spoiled with my freedom and we don't need another car, but then I remind him I can't go & sub without the freedom of the car. (I probably shouldn't mention the fact that I haven't been called to sub in well over a month. . . ).

With my subbing experiences, I've come to the conclusion that I will never want a full
time job within the Jackson school system. I do have the option of the school system in the next county (comes highly recommended) or find a private or charter school within Jackson. So I guess I need to crack down and get serious about job hunting in the next couple months (which means that I have mountains of paperwork laying ahead for me).

Back to the car purchase-- we're still in the early stages of researching cars right now. I know what I want (well, not the specific make, but I'm a huge fan of crossovers) but we're trying to decide whether that's the best decision. Then we have to weigh buying a new car versus a used car. Luckily, Steve loves doing all the research. He has started his spreadsheet extravaganzas and works on them daily. I get overwhelmed with all the options, and gladly relinquish the car hunt to him. I'll just keep sticking to searching for houses and critiquing their looks :).

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