Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Perspective

This week marked Jackson's first snowstorm for the year. All last week, the news reports were warning a "big snow" to start on Sunday evening. Our area was predicted to have 2-4" of snow. Back in Indiana, that didn't really mark a "storm" label. It would just mean a definite 2 hr delay and possible cancellation when I was young and a debate on whether or not to skip class in college. As soon as the snow started to fall on Sunday evening, school was canceled for Monday. I couldn't believe it!

We woke up Monday morning to 2" of snow. Steve went to work and said the roads were fine, just a little slushy in areas. Some of his coworkers came in late, but that's about the extent of his day with the snow. While watching the local channels, news blurbs kept popping up about staying at home and avoiding the roads. One family was interviewed on the news talking about how they'd stocked up 2 weeks of food, "just incase" and even some restaurants and businesses closed early. We were supposed to have our first "Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey" class, but it got canceled due to the "inclement weather." By 4pm, it was announced that school would be canceled for Tuesday. Again, this is only 2" of snow! Growing up, I would NEVER have been lucky to miss 2 days of school due to 2 measly inches.

Living in the South has given me a new perspective on snow. I now understand how Steve always viewed snow in Indiana. He'd always make comments about "well in Colorado. . . ", and here I just wrote a whole blog post about " well in Indiana. . . ". Maybe schools and businesses closed because people aren't prepared to drive on snow down here; however, I have a different idea. I'm pretty sure everything canceled so that kids could play in the snow and parents have a reason to stay in doors. I'll have to admit, I stayed in doors due to the snow (and again, it was just 2"!).

Weather aside, we've had a very low-key week. I've not been called to sub yet this semester, so I've been keeping busy watching little Hadleigh. I can't believe how much she changes from week to week. I never know what new thing she'll do when she's here, like throw a fit over her diaper, growl (and laugh), or try to run. She's such a cutie & I'm thrilled to get to play with her! Steve is still recovering from his ear infection. He sees improvement each day, like (unpainful) popping, regaining some hearing, and no more coughing/runny nose. It's just a long process to have a fully decongested ear (doctor said it could take a week or so to start feeling better & we're just now at the week point). He's still got more antibiotics to go, so we'll see how it goes.

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