Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dinner for two. . .

. . . different diet needs.

As previously blogged about, I'm getting pretty serious about getting into shape and being healthy. I've been doing lots of research on healthy foods, eating fresh foods, and cooking from scratch. Because I'm trying to lose weight, I've been focusing on cooking healthy, low calorie foods. However, Steve's dietary needs are completely different.

I've been on Steve about needing to gain weight, but he wasn't too keen on the idea. He just didn't see the reason for it. He feels he's in good health at the weight he is. Which may be true, but it wouldn't hurt for him to put on a few healthy pounds :). So, he's done research and has started some new protein regimen.

So now, I find myself making one dinner with two different versions for us to eat. For instance-- I made baked chicken the other night. Along with the chicken, I made mashed potatoes & gravy for Steve and mashed garlic cauliflower for myself (it was supposed to fool you into believing you were eating mashed potatoes; however, I don't have a proper food processor so I ate mushy chunks of cauliflower, which was fine).

Yesterday, I tried out some recipes for homemade protein/energy bars for Steve. Those can be rather pricey from the store, so I'm learning to make them on my own. It's a work in progress (especially since our protein powder is strawberry flavored and I should have used vanilla... oh well ).


  1. Don't know if you've tried this protein bar recipe, but here's the one I use:

  2. Thanks Dave!! I saw that recipe but hadn't tried it yet. I will do that one next (especially since it's Dave Nannery approved!)