Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today, Steve and I officially became members of Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, TN. We went through a month long course on Membership, a luncheon with a pastor, and met with another staff member to give them our statement of faith. There was a little presentation done during the two services this morning, where Steve & I shook hands with several of our new family members. We felt very welcomed and look forward to grow relationships and serve alongside our new family members.

Steve and I have also joined a Bible study within our church as well. Every Sunday afternoon, we meet up with a group of people to chat about life and dive into God's word together. We've only met with them a couple times and look forward to more visits with them.

It's funny to me that a couple of the members of our Bible Study are also members in our discussion group from a financial class we've been taking. We started Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) about a month ago and randomly joined a group. We started the Bible study not realizing that they were in it as well. This was kind of our way of knowing that God wanted us at Fellowship and involved in these ministries. Way Cool :)

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