Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed-in in Indiana

I was planning to head up to Indiana on Tuesday February 1st; however, my trip got moved up a day to Monday due to a rain/snow/sleet mix that was forecasted for Tuesday. I pulled into my parents' driveway Monday evening just as the snow began to fall. What timing!

My mom and I used the weather as an excuse to stay indoors for a few days. We didn't go anywhere, just enjoyed each other's company as well as the brave few (or crazy) who came to visit me. On Tuesday, my sister Amber brought out her girls to play for a few hours. Little did Amber know, she'd be couped up indoors with her girls for the next three days! Schools were cancelled Tuesday-Thursday with a 2 hour delay on Friday.

I was planning on making a trip out to Lafayette to visit an old coworker (well, she's not old, she's actually a young hot momma!) and my cooperating teacher (who so graciously helped me develop into a teacher). I ended up cancelling my trip because I'm such a chicken in this weather. I'm already dreading my drive on Sunday back to Tennessee due to wet roads and snow (even though the roads should be fine for my drive back home).

While I've been enjoying the snow and using it as an excuse to stay inside and be lazy, Steve has had the opposite effect in Tennessee. He was supposed to head out of Memphis to New Jersey on Tuesday. After 3 cancelled flights and an added layover on his trip, he made it to New Jersey on Wednesday. He didn't have to deal with any snow or any other weather once he got there. He made it back to Jackson early this morning, in time to make it into work. What a good employee :).

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