Friday, February 11, 2011

Where I go, Snow follows

I returned to Jackson on Sunday just in time to wake up Monday morning to this view from our front door:

It was a very strange sight. Especially since I had woken up around 7am to hear it pouring rain. This picture was taken around 11am. I couldn't believe the fact that school hadn't been cancelled for Monday. Especially since TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) decided not to salt the roads. The snow was light enough that they could just plow the streets. Although, the roads were still super slick and there were several accidents. Steve took Monday off so we got to stay in doors all day together. (He took the day off so that he could work on his presentation because he would get interrupted at work).

It snowed again on Wednesday and the temperatures "dropped" on Thursday. I put that in quotataions because I'm used to below zero temperatures in Indiana whereas being in the teens is a big deal in Tennessee. I love how winter shuts down the south! Schools were cancelled Tuesday-Friday (even though it's sunny out right now and a high of 40 degrees). The county schools have accumulated 9 snow days! With the schools being out all week, I have gotten zero sub calls. I was supposed to babysit a couple days, but wasn't needed because the place the lady works was closed, too.

So, I've been doing some organizing, cleaning, working out, and reading. In other words, taking it easy :). Steve's big presentation was yesterday and he said it went really well. So now we can enjoy the weekend stress free. I even think Steve's taking me out for a Valentine's dinner tomorrow night. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!

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