Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Crushed Dream

A week ago tonight, we headed out to see another house. Steve had found it online and showed me the pictures. My response was, "it's nothing special." Boy was I wrong. We just walked through a couple of rooms and I looked to Steve with a "this is THE house" kinda look.

The house is situated in a "ritzier" neighborhood, but was on the lower end of the price bracket. (For you house novices, this means a potential in making money on the house if we can sell it at the higher end of the bracket). As we walked through the house, our Realtor informed us that there were a couple of offers just put into the house and if we were interested, we'd have to make a quicker offer. There was only 1 downside to this house-- the "death" driveway. Okay, maybe it wouldn't bring about death, but it could bring about damage to the car. The driveway was very steep & required you to enter & exit on an angle (it took us a couple times up and down the driveway to figure this out).

After viewing the house, we headed home for dinner (after dinner is when we drove back to the house to experiment with the driveway to see if it was a deal breaker). Once we scratched the driveway off the "con" side of our list, we called our Realtor so that we could make an offer. We met her back at her office and wrote it up.

I was trying really hard not to get excited about the house, but I could just see us living in it. I had already figured out the paint scheme & furniture set-up. We had to wait the weekend to hear back from our Realtor. Yesterday, we got the call that the seller had decided on a different offer.

My dream was crushed.

Here we are a week later -- we fell in love with a house, made an offer, lost the house, and back to square one. We also found out that one of our "top picks" (Weatherstone) has been sold. We've gone through all the houses for sale in Jackson and have come up with a new list of potential houses. Hopefully, we'll get to see some of the houses this weekend and maybe fall in love with another house.


  1. i wanted to see a pic of the killer driveway.

  2. Trisha -- That's the best picture of the driveway I could find. The picture does not do the driveway justice. Steve tried to back down it straight, and the car's back bumper hit the road & the car couldn't go anymore.

  3. you should always take driveways at an angle... :)

    Finding a house you really like (and is available) is tough! Hang in there, you'll find it.