Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Search Continues. . .

I've been pretty busy this past week with subbing, babysitting, and researching houses (which is why I haven't blogged all week, sorry to leave you all in anticipation. . . ). We met with our realtor last weekend to view some houses, and then again this weekend. On our second trip, we actually saw a couple of repeat houses in order to look at some areas of the houses we were concerned about. As of now, we're doing to three favorites. We aren't committing yet to one specifically because we aren't going to make any offers for another month or so (since we're locked into our rent until June).

Here are some pictures of our top houses (in no specific order). Each one has something different to offer and we're still weighing the pros & cons of each. Plus, if one of them gets nabbed by someone else, it'll help us in making our decision since we like them each equally.


This house brings the most square footage. It's a whole lot of house for a minimal price. If we were to choose this house, we'd have to buy all new appliances as well as resurfacing the floor in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, & laundry room. So it would not necessarily be "move-in-ready".


This house has a BEAUTIFUL backyard & deck. The kitchen appliances are in need of an updating and most of the house would need some cosmetic fixes (like paint, new hardware, carpets cleaned). There may also be an issue with the roof that would need tended to, as well as an issue with the hard wood floor in the dining area.


This house is the smallest house on our list (as well as the cheapest). It has recently been remodeled and would require zero work from us. We just have to weigh the option of move-in-ready versus the space.

This process has been quite overwhelming at time. I hate making decisions and "shut-down" when I have too many options in front of me. Steve has been doing a great job of limiting options and helping to make decisions through the process. It's crazy to think that one of these houses may be or new home. However, it may also be that we haven't seen our new home yet. Again, it's still too soon for us to make an offer or get attached to a house, so we're continuing our online efforts. As of now, these houses are what we're interested in. It's just so tough to weigh them against each other when each one offers something completely different from the other. Good thing we still have some more time before a decision must be made.

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