Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheap Labor

Last weekend, we had the pleasure (with sadness :-/) to help our friends finish their move from Jackson to Kentucky. Jake and Jennifer have been in Kentucky since mid June but officially got their house last week. On Thursday, movers packed up their old house & delivered the items to their new house on Saturday.

I went to their old house on Thursday morning to let the movers in and clear up any questions. Later Thursday night, Jake and Jennifer came to Jackson and stayed with us (since their bed and house had already been packed up). Friday morning, Jake headed to the old house to clean it up and help the movers while I drove Jennifer back to Kentucky.

She and I arrived around noon on Friday, ate a quick lunch, and headed to the new house to paint and prepare for the movers. We got to work quickly and started tackling the main area where the heavier furniture would be. Jennifer worked on the trim while I rolled the walls. It was so much fun getting to chat with her and catch up on all that has happened over the summer.

In the evening, we ran to Lowes to get some more paint and rent a carpet cleaner. When we got back home, I worked on painting the trim work in their bedroom while she cleaned all the carpets. We had plans to stay up later and finish up some more projects, but we called it quits around 12:30.

We woke up early Saturday to tackle the last major projects that needed done before the movers showed up. Jennifer worked in the master bedroom repainting the tray ceiling while I worked on painting the small laundry room. While we were knee deep in paint, the movers arrived. They worked on moving furniture in other parts of the house while we worked. I ended up painting just the areas the washer and dryer would be in so that the paint could dry. I finished the laundry room up later after the appliances were in place. But in the meantime, I found another ladder and helped Jennifer finish up the ceiling (she somehow had pulled the short straw on that project)!

As the day was winding down, we had moved on to painting their closet. However, the movers had put a bunch of boxes in the closet. We monkeyed around the boxes as much as we could, but ended up calling it quits. The movers left shortly afterward and Jennifer was dying to start unpacking. I ended up leaving around 5 and headed back to Jackson.

What could have been a bunch of boring work, was a lot of fun. Being able to hep Jennifer out as well as catch up with her was worth all the tiring work we did. We didn't get everything crossed off of her project list, but we definitely made a dent. All in all, the weekend (as tiring as it was) was a much needed girl bonding day!

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