Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quiet Again

Last week, we we had a very active and loud week with my nieces visiting! My mom, sister, and 3 nieces (ages 8, 5, & 2.5) made an end-of-summer visit to Jackson. While they were here, we did crafts, played outside in the sand (we have a little pit of sand along our property that they think is the coolest thing to play in), played in the slip-n-slide, and made a trip to the Memphis Zoo. Steve even took a day off in order to head to the zoo with us. Even though it was hotter this time (last time we went to the zoo was when my nieces visited in April), the zoo was still lots of fun!

They were only here for four days, but we seemed to cram a lot in. It was fun to see how much the girls have changed and who they are becoming. While they were here, we managed to play SuperMario Bros on the Wii for hours on end. I tried teaching them how to play last April, but it was a lost cause. However, this time (maybe the fact that I was playing with them instead of letting them do it alone) they seemed to get the hang of it and we had a great time playing. At times it was the two oldest nieces, my sister, and myself playing at once. It made for several great laughs. We ended up completing 3 worlds while they were here!

They've been gone almost a week now and our house is as quiet as can be. I only babysat one day this week, so I've had several days of just working around the house and running errands by myself. About a month ago this would have driven me crazy; however, it was nice to have some alone time again. I've come up with some new projects to work on so I'm still keeping myself busy while Steve is working. We've loved visiting friends and have my family come and stay with us over the past month, but for now we're just enjoying the quiet.

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