Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Congratulations Scott & Ashley

This past weekend, we met up with all of Steve's family in Cincinnati, OH in order to celebrate Ashley (Steve's sister) and Scott's wedding.

We left Jackson Thursday night and met up with our friends Jake & Jennifer in Kentucky. We had a lot of fun going to dinner and hanging out with them at their new house. We even stayed the night at their house -- Thanks Jake & Jennifer!!!

We met up in Cincinnati Friday afternoon where we picked up Steve's brother Ian and headed to meet the rest of the family at Scott & Ashley's house. We hung out there for a little while until it was time to head to the hotel and ready for the rehearsal and dinner.

The rehearsal went a little longer than expected, delaying dinner an hour. It was better to have it work out that way and everyone prepared for the wedding, than to cut rehearsal short (despite everyone being hungry!). At the dinner, the Ackerman family got to meet the O'Bryan family. There was plenty of time to interact and hang out with each other, especially since the dinner went longer than anticipated ;-). Salad was served around 8:30, and we didn't leave the restaurant until after 10:30!

The wedding wasn't until 6pm on Saturday. All morning we just hung out around the hotel, and got to sneak in both Dewey's & Graeter's visits! Dewey's is my favorite pizza place and is original to Cincinnati. Graeter's sells wonderful ice cream, chocolates, and bakery items that again originated in Cincinnati.

Steve's aunt Jill and myself were in charge of getting the bows tied to the chairs for the reception. Steve and Ian were ushers in the wedding, so we volunteered them to go to the Art Museum (reception location) with us in order to knock out the bows and head to the wedding together. We had a system with the bows, making the boys hold them still while we tied. Our team work got the job done quicker than expected, so we just headed to the church early and waited for the rest of the family to arrive.

The church was absolutely gorgeous. It had very ornate decorations, a huge pipe organ that served as the back drop for the alter, and huge stain glass windows. The wedding was very beautiful and truly showcased Scott and Ashley's love for each other and their commitment to each other through Christ.

We then headed to the Art Museum for a cocktail hour -- complete with hors d'oeuvers and jazz trio. The actual reception area was situated in a lobby in the middle of the museum, upon which had a balcony and winding stair cases that the wedding party, bride, and groom entered the room from. I wasn't sure exactly how the reception was going to work in an art museum but it was absolutely lovely. Ashley and Scott had specifically requested a "twilight" lighting on the ceiling which created an "under-the-sky" feeling -- a very romantic, intimate setting. The reception was filled with wonderful food, talk , laughter, dancing (who knew John was so crazy?), and most of all, a focus on Scott & Ashley's marriage.

Steve and I especially enjoyed being able to spend time with his family. We had a lot of fun hanging out and catching up with Aunt Jill; Uncle John; Uncle Barry, Naida, David, & Benjamin; Nanny & Poppy; and Doug, Trisha, & Ian! (And of course we can't forget Scott & Ashley!).

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Scott O'Bryan!!!

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