Saturday, September 17, 2011

Girl Talk

I had the joy of being host to my friend Jennifer last week. (In case you've forgotten, she and her husband have sadly, for me, moved to Kentucky). Her husband had some business in Ohio and she was left behind. Instead of staying at their new house working the whole time, she decided to come hang out with me!

The week was full of chatting, Kardashians, HGTV, and shopping. She was only supposed to be around for 3 days, but her husband's trip got extended an extra day. That just meant she and I had another day to hang out .

The timing of her trip couldn't have worked out any better. Steve's project at work was implemented onto the line, meaning he had to monitor the line during second shift (2pm-midnight). So it worked out nicely to see him in the morning and to have Jennifer around to keep me company all afternoon/evening while Steve was away.

I'm so thankful to have been blessed with her friendship! Who knew a year ago she and I would be up to sleep overs and painting together? Luckily, we will be reunited yet again in a week. . .

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