Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Furry Little Critter

Meet Ramses! He is Steve's and my new Robo-dwarf hamster. We had been throwing around the idea of buying a hamster, and pulled the plug today. He was very active while at the store. He was doing laps in his little bin; however, since getting him home and setting up his cage, he's been pretty skiddish and docile.

A Roborovsky (robo for short) hamster is known as a "Look but Don't Touch" pet. It's not because of their behavior, but because they're small and fast. He shouldn't bite (the store employee said they don't bite, and we've not had that issue yet). Steve held him while moving him from the store carton to the new cage, but it was only for a minute because the little guy was running up and down Steve's arm.

He's only 2" long, and probably won't grow anymore. You can see from the picture that he's smaller than his food dish. We'll see if he keeps up his docile act or goes back to running around like crazy. According to our reading material, it'll take a few days to get acclimated to our home. Ha ha... as nutty as it is here, he'll get acclomitaed just in time to move!

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