Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost In Middle America

This post is 5 months in the making. On April 5, we found out that P&G was selling Pringles to Diamond Food. We then found out that Steve had the option to stay with P&G, but had no idea when his transition would occur.

Well we don't have to wait any longer!! We found out earlier this week that Steve would no longer be reporting to Pringles as of December 1st. We weren't given any other information so we decided to just keep it ourselves and see what the week would produce. Steve had contacted the lady who had interviewed him for the Lima position over the summer and heard back from her today. She extended her previous offer and Steve quickly accepted!

We have no other info, except that we will be in Lima by December first. I'm a little stressed with the thought of finding a house and having it move-in-ready in 2.5 months. Oh well, we'll worry about that once we figure out the relocation process. For now we are celebrating and just praising God for His mercies during this process!

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