Monday, November 28, 2011

Moving Preparations

Sunday was my last full day to finish up packing items that I didn't want the movers to mess with. Even though our relocation involved the option for packers to pack up the entire house, I went ahead and did most of the work myself. I know I'm crazy. I just wanted to be able to group things in boxes according to how I will unpack, as well as know where everything is. Again, I know I'm crazy.

After church, I stopped at Walmart to buy some more packing tape and a couple totes to put our clothes in (I'm not a fan of clothes in just plain boxes, again, refer to the crazy). I got back home, threw a quick lunch in the oven, and began my packing fury. I had our closet, bathroom, pantry, and a few random items that needed to be packed away before the first round of movers coming Monday morning. I only got started with the closet when it was time for lunch. After lunch, we had to return our rental car from the night before.

While we were in Colorado, our landlord had contacted us asking when would be a good time to show the house to some inquiring people. We set an appointment at 4 o'clock on Sunday. When we got back from returning the car, I took a quick nap, and got back to work on packing. I had just started back into packing when the door bell rang at 4 o'clock. We started showing the couple around when there was another knock on the door. A family showed up saying they also had a 4 o'clock appointment. We finished with the couple and went back to the door when there was a large group of people waiting to see the house! Apparently, our landlord set up an open house from 4-5. Our house was a disaster site. Dishes were piled up, clothes strewn about (I was also doing laundry). It all worked out fine, we just weren't expecting all those people.

Monday morning, I had to wake up early so that I could take Steve to work (our other car we left in Indiana). It worked out best to wake up early and take him because then I was motivated to get straight to work. I had a few things I had to get done and moved around so that the packers could come in and finish up. There have been several people come in and out and I wasn't sure what all was going on at times.

First, a crate guy showed up to build crates for our glass items and washer/dryer. Then came a HUGE moving van loaded up with supplies to pack up our house. (Even though we explained most of it would be done by me, our coordinator was adamant about packers coming for the whole day). About 5 workers showed up, but they decided to leave 2 here to tackle the remaining items, while the other 3 moved on to another job site. The move is just over 24 hours away, and I don't think it's really set in yet. Although, it is becoming a little more realistic with all the echoing in the house, and the fact that there is no tv or dvds to be watched. I will just have to keep myself entertained with cleaning and my computer :).

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