Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moving Update

Yesterday was supposed to be the closing date on the house; however, things have come up (surprise, surprise). Have I mentioned how tedious it is to buy a house and how I hate the process??

When we contacted the mortgage company, they claimed there wasn't enough time for them to close on the 16th (as set when we made the offer). So the mortgage company forced a closing delay until Dec 6th. The sellers agreed to the new closing date and have been working to meet the requests we made from the inspections (well, it is an assumption they are working on them, or have accomplished them. We haven't heard yet. Again, this process is awful).

We had asked for a quick closing date (11/16) because this is a quick move! Here is our moving timeline:

**11/28 -- Movers come pack up items (I have pretty much packed up everything, I have a few items I want them to handle. It is the company's policy to set aside a whole day to pack items. Plus, I don't think they believed Steve when he explained I'd have everything packed)

**11/29 -- Movers load up our stuff at take it away. This is also Steve's last day @ Pringles.

**11/30 -- We say goodbye to Jackson and hello to Lima. We will be living temporarily in a hotel until closing is finalized.

**12/1 -- Steve's first day at Lima.

** 12/6 -- Closing Date

**12/7-12/14 -- Item Delivery Window: The moving company set this window guaranteeing when are stuff would arrive in Lima. This window was set prior to the change in closing date, so it just happens to work out great for us (even though living in a hotel for a week was not on my to-do-list). Closer to the window, they should have an exact date when our items will arrive.

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