Monday, September 24, 2012

Lightin' It Up

Last Sunday on our way home from church, we spotted a garage sale.  We decided to stop and take a look.  We didn't think we'd really find anything, but we spotted two matching lamps that stuck out to us.  We kept debating on the style, but thought let's go crazy and try something different.  We picked them both up for a total of $15.

(Newly purchased lamp)

We were not fans of the orignal lamp shades.  They weren't the best quality and also looked very dated.  So we headed to our new favorite place -- Menard's and picked up some new shades.

(New lamp & new shade -- it's amazing how a lamp shade can change the overall look of the lamp!)

We put one lamp in the living on an end table (pictured above) and the other lamp is on our newly acquired entry way table!

(Entryway -- this lamp is purely for decoration, there's no outlet in that location to plug-in.  Now I'm in the market for some sort of basket or decoration to accompany the lamp on the table.)

Our new lamps were purchased just in time -- this Sunday, our chandelier in the living room decided to quit working.  Well actually, we had the opposite problem.  It wouldn't turn off!  It's controlled by a remote control, so we thought maybe the battery was out on the remote.  After replacing it, the lights still wouldn't turn off!  Steve took a peak up in the mount on the ceiling to see if there's a battery in the receiver box.  However, the box is bigger than the hole in the ceiling and we couldn't find the battery in the tight space.  But while he was messing with it, it shut itself off and we can't turn it back on.  Oh well, at least we're not wasting energy with it now :-/.

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