Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lovely Visitors

My mom and youngest niece Gabbie came to stay a couple days this week.  I had some stuff to pass off tomy mom and she had some stuff of mine, so she decided it was worth driving all the way to Lima for a visit to exchange the items (the items were merely an excuse to come!).  They didn't stay long, just a couple days, but anytime with family is better than no time with family!

While they were here we did lots of shopping (we were on a mission for some items for my oldest niece Emily's birthday), crafts, and re-potted a couple of my plants.

(We made a "note-board" for Emily's birthday present.  She turns 9 next week and her big gift form her parents is a newly decorated room.  It's semi-ballet themed with bright colors.  This board will hang on her wall and she can slip notes and photos in between the ribbons to display.)

  We had intentions of using a staple gun to assemble the board, but my mom got injured just opening the box of staples.  So we used a hot glue gun instead -- much better idea!  It took us way too long to assemble, but the end result is worth it!  While we worked on our project, Gabbie was busy coloring and creating pages to give to people.  That girl is so creative!

(Ha ha, this picture was too funny to share.  In the morning after Steve left for work, the other two would come and crawl into my bed.  We attempted to take a picture together, but the flash got us all.)

Thanks Mom & Gabbie for making the trip to visit!

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