Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mischief Managed

Thanks to my favorite brother & husband, the "picture storage full" conundrum has been solved.  I don't really understand the solution other than that some how the pictures are shared between google+ and picasa. I don't know.  I'll have to go back through the 901 photos already on the blog and upload them the new way to empty out the storage.  So that's kind of ridiculous. . .

Also, in solving the issue, we discovered there's new storage available on my picasa account, so we're hoping we aren't being charged for that :-/.

Here are the pictures from Gabbie's visit last week!

(Ha ha, she loves taking pictures with my camera.  Most of the pictures are of random things like sippy cups and fingers.  This was the best picture with us in it -- thanks to front facing phone cameras!)

(She begged to take baths just so she could play with some McDonald's toy Chipmunks.  She played with them for over an hour in the tub one day!  Her poor little knees aren't used to playing on a ceramic tub & she came out with some burns & bruises :-/)

(Whenever a niece comes to visit, I'll let them chose some little special craft.  She chose to paint your own tea set, only she painted about 3 pieces.  I think I'll save the rest and have the other nieces paint the left items.)

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