Friday, December 7, 2012

I know, I know

I know. . it's been waaaaaaay too long for a real blog update.  Part of the hiatus has been because I've been busy and the other part is that not much is going on that is blog worthy - ha!

All last week I was knee deep in a new house project.  I was going to just repaint a spare bedroom, when I discovered that it there was wallpaper underneath the current paint.  I wasn't going to take the wallpaper down, but I noticed a spot that was peeling up.  Before I knew it, half the top layer was off; however, there was at least 2 more layers stuck on the wall.  So all last week I worked on soaking and peeling off layers of wall paper.  You will have to wait for pictures in a later blog post.

Last Friday, Steve and I got all dressed up and went to a P&G Lima Plant Christmas Party at the Inn at Ohio Northern University (Steve's parents' Alma Mater!).  We were not thrilled about the party in the beginning because it started at 8pm and Ada is 30 minutes away.  By the end of the week, Steve is burnt out and the last thing he wanted to do was dress up and go schmooze at a party.

When we first got there, none of his close co-workers were there.  So we did the awkward chat with some people until people started to show up.  The theme was Casino Night and there were lots of games set up.  We hadn't planned on staying long, but we jumped in with some friends to learn how to play Craps.  Steve was a great roller and we both got in on the action.  Soon, we found ourselves up (we had play money to gamble with) at the Craps table, so we headed off to Black Jack.  The dealer at the Black Jack table was pretty funny and we had a good time, but we started to lose quite a bit there.  We were debating on leaving halfway through, but more people got into the games and pretty soon it was 11:30pm, the tables were shutting down and we were bidding on prizes with our earnings (which by the way, on the last black jack hand, we both put all our money down and the dealer had Black Jack and we lost everything.  The dealer quickly changed his hand and gave us a bunch of money instead of following the rules -- ha!).  At the prize auction, we one The Shawshank Redemption DVD!  What a fun night with work friends!!

We spent this week with a little visitor from IN -- Gabbie!!  While she was here, we took her to see Christmas Lights in Bluffton, saw our Owl friend, went shopping, colored, played Nintendo  and much more!  I have pictures from her visit, but I'm having issues with the blog.

Who knew that you were only allotted so many photos to put on the blog for free?!  I definitely didn't know and am now out of photo space.  Hmmmm, what to do, what to do.  I could go back and delete photos from previous posts, but what's the fun in that?!  The whole point of the blog is to document our lives, and taking off photos doesn't achieve that purpose!

Apparently all the photos on the blog are stored in my picasa albums which are maxed out, so we have to figure out how to resize those photos without screwing everything up.  Steve is doing some research to see if there's a loophole, so if anyone has advice we'd appreciate it!

So for now, you're stuck with words and no photos :-/

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